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29 August 2007 @ 03:14 pm
001: Ryan & Marissa 1958  
This is my first fic i'm going to post on here, so can ihave lots and lots of Reviews please

This story is based on Grease there might be a few songs in there, it is core four story about Ryan & Marissa with Ryan been the new person and him meeting Marissa after them dating during the summer break.


The main characters are

Ryan – New boy from Chino, transferred to Newport after dad got new job and had a summer fling with Marissa

Marissa – Social chair and head girl of Harbour High, had a fling with Ryan during the summer

Seth – Same as during the series but more like the 50’s version of Seth and is dating Summer

Summer – same as during the series but is head of the Newpises at Harbour and her Marissa rule the school

Secondary Characters

Zach – Best Friend of Seth, plays football and him are Seth are writing a comic book, set in the future.

Taylor – Boyfriend of Zach and sister to Summer is very opposite to the series, more of the gossip type.

Luke – ex boyfriend of Marissa and is dating Holly Fisher

 Minor Characters

Jonny Harper – Friend of Zach’s and plays football

Dennis "Chilli" Childress – Friend of Jonny’s also plays football

Lindsay – Girlfriend of Dennis 

Alex Kelly – Friend of Marissa’s and attends Harbour

Kevin Vochuk– Friend of Jonny’s and works in the motorbike shop is dating Heather

Sophie Rose Cohen – Sister of Seth

Sandy & Kirsten Cohen – Seth’s Parents

Neil & Veronica Roberts – Summer and Taylor’s Parents

Dawn & Frank Atwood – Ryan’s Parents

Kaitlin Cooper – Marissa’s Sister

Jimmy & Julie Cooper – Marissa’s Parents

Anna Stern – old friend of Seth’s from summer camp

Heather – attends harbour and is dating Kevin

Casey – Girlfriend of Jonny

Holly Fisher – Girlfriend of Luke

Trey & Emily Atwood – Ryan’s brother and sister in law

John & Cassie Atwood – Ryan’s niece and Nephew

Caleb & Rose Nichol – Seth’s Grandparents

Sophie Cohen – Seth’s Nana

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