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31 December 2007 @ 07:17 pm
020: Love on Muders Row Chapter One  
Title :  Love on Murders Row
The O.C
Ryan A, Lindsay G & Marissa  C
Rating :
15/18 for scenes of voilence, drug use and swearing
I don't own the O.C or any of the characters :(

AN1- This came to me in a dream in my sleep and I'm not happy to be writing it but it must be done :(


Chapter One

The light was coming from the small window in Ryan Atwood’s cell on death row at Austen prison. It was the only way that he could see the outside world, the place he wanted to be, not stuck on his bed waiting for death. His head in his hands, his memory of the past 5 years was so screwed up by his actions and thoughts that happened and what could have been. The memories came all flooding back to him, the night that his life changed forever. It was a November night in 2002 and Ryan at the age of 22 was one of the most troublesome person you would ever met, his dad was in jail for armed robbery and theft, his brother was also in jail for procession of drugs and robbery so it was certain that the youngest Atwood child would follow his dad and brother in a life of crime and danger. He had dropped out of school at 17 hoping to join the army and go to fight for his country instead he worked in a garage mending cars during the day and night he was head of one of Austen’s gangs, that would steals cars, money and drugs. Ryan thought that one day he would have enough money, buy a car and drive to Mexico and life the high life, but this never turned out to be, instead he meet a girl her name was Lindsay a Chicago girl just graduated from college and working at the local TV Station as a junior journalist. They met at the garage Ryan worked at when her car brook down, it seemed like years ago


“Great” as Lindsay Gardner kicked her car that was at the side of the road; she got her mobile phone out of her pocket and dialled the number for recovery

“Hi, my cars brook down, okay I’m on justice rd at the bus stop, thanks”

A few minutes later a truck came with a tall guy got out, and went over to Lindsay and introduced himself

“You called for breakdown service”


"Well let’s go to see what the problem with the car then” the guy smiled at her and see returned a weak smile.

After what seemed like 2 hours the breakdown man came back to where Lindsay was sitting on the seat at the bus stop

“Hi, we will need to take your car in for further inspection at the garage were our guys can have a closer look at it”


After the car was put on the truck and Lindsay and the guy were on the way to the garage, it was across from town. They finally arrived at the garage it was ten at night and a few maniacs were around, the truck pulled in to the garage, where Ryan worked and it stopped the breakdown guy got out followed by Lindsay, the got the car of the truck and booked it for fixing and offered her a lift home. Ryan was amazed that such a beautiful lady’s car could break down, so he went to chat, she refused, but he gave her his number and she went off
End of flashback

“Atwood, your lawyers are here”

Ryan moved towards the door of his cell, were the guard opened the door and handcuffed and led to him a small room, where an older man and a younger woman the same age as Ryan sat at a table, they had papers spread over the table and concerned looks on their faces, the man looked up with his glasses, then took them off as the guard untied Ryan’s handcuffs and told him to sit on the chair and took a few steps back towards the edge of the room. Ryan did as he was told and the lawyer looked up at Ryan then looked at the woman and shook his head. Ryan put his down as the look on the man’s face did not look good then he said

“Mr Atwood, the date of the day is coming soon. The court is still waiting for Miss Gardner to give another statement”

“What is difference is that going make, they have already found me guilty, and I have been waiting here for 3 years for her to give another statement”

“Well it is actually her word to ahead with your punishment, as the victims family can’t”

“What, so she decides how much longer that I stay here then”


At this point Ryan, put his head in his hands and thought that if she did give the go ahead, he could be dead in the next month and then what would happen then, it all seemed to much for his mind to think about.

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(Anonymous) on March 25th, 2008 04:57 pm (UTC)
good fic...keep going on please
Nicrosy_nic on March 27th, 2008 07:10 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the comment , galad u like :)