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24 December 2007 @ 09:46 pm
018: Chrismukkah Fan Fiction 2  

Title: First Chrismukkah
Fandom: The O.C.
Pairing: Seth C and Summer R
Rating: PG13 (for US)/12(for UK) there is mild swearing
Word Count: 1, 054 so far but more to come

Disclaimer:  I don’t own the O.C or any of the characters

Authors Note1: okay this is my Chrismukkah Fic for the holiday period, it is set in the future around the end of season 4 after Seth & Summer get married, it will telling there first Chrismukkah as newly weds.

Chapter Two

 The Clock ticked to 3 o’ clock and there was a certain chill in the air as Seth continued to work on the character of Malcolm, he disliked him so much, he was boring nothing that stood him out from the crowd, but it was his job to draw him and the money from that would compensate for not very good sales or even the sack. But one thought still stayed in Seth’s mind the fact in a few hours time he would sitting having dinner with his wife and then going on a plane to spend Chrismukkah with the family that he really missed, he glanced up from his drawing to look at the photo’s on his desk, he smiled and then put his head down and continued to draw. The photo’s seemed to remind him of a happy time, when everything was good, no trouble or mean bosses, they were of his wedding to Summer, Sophie’s first birthday, college graduation and high school graduation.

 Summer had got out of bed another hour after Seth had left for work, she had felt a tiny bit ill for some mornings, but she but it down to stress, not that fact that there may be other overriding factors that it could be. But these thoughts were put to the back of her mind as she needed to pack for the trip back to Berkeley. She went through the wardrobe in their room and but all the clothes, shoes and accessories on the made bed, then sat down on the a chair, that distracted her for what 4 hours, but the thoughts still came back about the factors that still were in her mind. So she got dressed and went out of there penthouse apartment and went to the shop a few streets away.


The clock ticked to 6 o’clock and Seth yarned, he was so tired just sitting there drawing did not fill him with the most of happy thoughts, but the fact that in 12 hours time he would be sat on a plane on his way to northern California, the thoughts were stopped by the appearance of his boss Mr Phillips standing there with the angriest look on his face ever, this made the rest of the people in the studio panic and stop in there tracks as there boss came and looked at there work, some of them he complemented and some he had a go at, before he knew it was Seth’s turn to so how much work he had done, since his last visit. He came over to Seth’s desk and took one look and then sighed and then looked at the photographs on the desk and then sighed again, then spoke a few short words to Seth which were

“Good work, you can improve a few features on Malcolm, but apart from that you can go home, this can be done in the New Year.”

“Thank you sir, I’m so happy that you like it”

Then Mr Phillips left and went to another employee’s desk and also sighed and then said the sort of similar words to them and then left the studio.


Summer had returned from the store a few streets away with a box sticking out of a brown paper bag, this she put it in the suitcase that she started to pack all the clothes that she had got out earlier and packed them, it was so strange to pack with those thoughts going through her mind, normal when she packed she always had a clear mind, but not this time. After about 2 hours she had finally finished packing her suitcase, and even had started to pack all the Chrismukkah presents in a suitcase, there were all small expect for Sophie’s, Seth spoiled his little sister which the most expensive toys, which were a pain to pack, but at least they were going to get something this year, everybody had bought them so many gifts for there wedding, so it was there chance to say thank you and get them something. After another 2 hours and Summer looked at her watch, it was 6 o’clock and they had panned to have dinner in a hour, So she had a hour to get ready and  started to get ready with her nicest dresses and boots with her long dark brown hair down on the shoulders, she looked perfect, at that moment the key turned in the front door and a dark handsome man came inside and took of his coat and approached the place where Summer was in standing in front of the mirror, he put his cold hands in front of her eyes and turned around……. 

Please Read & review and Happy Christmas    

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