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15 December 2007 @ 05:00 pm
017: Christmukkah Fan Fiction  

Title: First Chrismukkah
Fandom: The O.C.
Pairing: Seth C and Summer R
Rating: PG13 (for US)/12(for UK) there is mild swearing
Word Count: 1, 054 so far but more to come

Disclaimer:  I don’t own the O.C or any of the characters

 Authors Note1: Okay this is my Chrismukkah Fic for the holiday period, it is set in the future around the end of season 4 after Seth & Summer get married, it will telling there first Chrismukkah as newly weds.


Chapter 1

The morning mist came up over New York as Seth woke up, for work, in the bed next to him his wife of 6 months Summer, she turned as Seth walked towards their bathroom in their penthouse apartment, that Summers dad had brought as part of their wedding present. Seth had got a job at Marvel comics in New York’s Fifth Avenue as an artist after graduating from RISD and Summer still worked for GEORGE but tin their animal rights department.


After Seth finished in the bathroom a sleepy Summer was sitting upright in bed looking at her husband standing their with a towel between his shoulders and a pair of boxers on

“Good Morning” Summer said still sleepily

“Morning” he went over to the bed and leaned towards his wife and they shared a small kiss

“So you’re going to work then”

“Yeah, got to finish those drawings, then we can go out for dinner”

“Okay then”


Seth got dressed then had a bagel and coffee, and then went back to the bedroom where Summer was still in bed and kissed her before leaving and going to work. He walked out to the small street that connected their development to the rest of the city, he crossed the road and walked down a small street, which led to a metro station he took the stairs down to the platform, he got on the train and took the nearest seat and sat down, on the set next to him was a copy of the Washington post it was dated the 21st December 2012, then he looked at this watch it was the 23rd and him and Summer were due to fly to Berkeley tomorrow to spend Chrismukkah with the family, but this was he last day at work, as he read the paper he remembered the Chrismukkah’s of the past, Ryan’s first, when the family nearly fell apart, Ryan’s Bar Mitzvah and the hospital after Ryan and Taylor’s fall. But this year would be special as it would his and Summers first married Chrismukkah together and they would be spending it will the whole family and extended family that included Julie, Frank, Kaitlin, and Josh(Ryan’s half brother) and then a trip up to Seattle to see Dr Roberts and then back to New York for new years eve. The train stopped at Seth’s stop and he got up of his seat and exited the train, and walked to the street which was Fifth Avenue and walked down to it till he reached work and opened the door to the head quarters of Marvel comics.


He walked in to the building a girl with blonde hair and black glasses sat at the reception desk and called Seth over

“Hi, Mr Cohen”

“Hello Miss Piper”

“How was you journey this morning?”

“Good actually better than normal”



Seth walked back towards the lift, the doors opened and he pressed the button for the third floor and the doors closed, at the moment he thought about what this Chrismukkah might be like, but the thought was stopped when the lift doors opened and he walked out into small corridor which had two signs on it

“Drawing studios right Finance and personnel Left”

He turned to the right and opened to another door and went through it, there were all the desks filled with pieces of paper and people sitting at them, drawing with small pencils and wearing large blacked rimmed glasses, he walked over to his desk and sat down on the small seat, where on the drawing desk was a few pieces of paper with drawing on and a couple of photos next to them, he smiled at them and picked up some paper from a draw and starting with the small pencil the outline of a person, he had only started when he had a tap on the shoulder, it fright Seth turned around to see a man about 5”5 standing there with his hands on his hips, his brown hair in a mop on the top of his head and the rimmed glasses looked angry and focused. Finally after a few minutes of silence the man spoke in an angry tone.

“Mr Cohen, you late again and what the ***** is that”

Seth knew that was  his boss Kenneth Phillips, he had not a kind bone in his body and was mean to the most of the artists and always expected perfection from them and was always moaning about any public holiday that came up.

“Good morning Mr Phillips, Sorry train was late again, I was starting to draw the character of Malcolm in the situation where he is in the fight with the evil surfer, I have some rough drawings but I’m doing the final version now and it only should take my another four hours to complete, then I should be able to go home and pack”

“What for” Mr Phillips

“Going to my parents for the holidays, my flight is very early tomorrow morning”

Mr Phillips was starting to get angry; Seth could feel the tension in his voice, which made him started to panic and he knew what the reply would be

“Stupid holidays, excuse for people to stop working and spend money”

Seth had to think about what to say to Mr Phillips, but the words did not come out, but instead Mr Phillips said

“Well I want those drawings done, but the time I come and visit you again”

Seth drew a few breaths and then got up from his seat and walked over to the other side of the room, to where a coffee machine stood a guy around the same height as Seth; he had ginger hair and wore black rimmed glasses, but took them off to see the button on the coffee machine and pressed it and a drip of black coffee trickled into a mug, when the coffee finished going into the mug, he turned towards Seth and nodded then walked back over to his desk, he did not even say hello or happy holidays, there was not even a Christmas decoration in the artists room to make Seth smile, he got a mug and pressed the coffee button, and waited for it to come out and then went back to his desk.              


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